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Our Courses

We have instructors available to help individuals or groups work towards NPTC qualification or Lantra Awards based Integrated Training and Assessment.

The list below gives details of the most frequently run courses.  If you need training for something not shown here please give us a call.

If a course title is underlined you can click on it to get further information about the course.

Course Title

NPTC Assessment Units
First Aid at Work
Basic Tree Survey and Inspection
Professional Tree Inspection
Highway Signing, Lighting and Guarding of Road Works.
Application of Pesticides PA1 & PA6
Stump Grinder Maintenance and Operation
Wood Chipper Maintenance and Operation
Strimmer and Brushcutter Maintenance and Operation
LOLER thorough examination of Arboricultural Equipment
Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross-Cutting & Fell Small Trees CS 30 & CS 31
Felling Medium Sized Trees CS 32
Felling Large Trees CS 33
Process individual Windblow Trees CS 34
Process Multiple Windblow Trees CS 35
Climb Trees and Perform Aerial Rescue CS 38
Use a Chainsaw from a Rope & Harness CS 39
Carry out Pruning Operations CS 40
Undertake Sectional Felling CS 41
Carry Out Stump protection CS 42
Felling Utility Poles CS 43
Felling Standing Stems CS 44
Arboricultural Ground Worker CS 45
Repollarding CS 46
Use of Chainsaw from a MEWP CS 47
Powered Pole Pruners CS 48
Health and Safety Certificates in Agriculture and Horticulture

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